Aseptic Technology

Aseptic Technologies Bring Safe, Nutritious and Flavorsome Milk to Millions of People Around the World.

Aseptic technologies ensure that foods and packaging materials are free from harmful bacteria. This means milk can be safely kept for months without the need for preservatives or refrigeration, until opened, while retaining color, taste and nutrition.

Aseptic Technology Requires Commercial Sterility

Commercial sterility means the absence of microorganisms capable of growing in the food at normal non-refrigerated conditions.

Aseptic Milk Processing

Aseptic milk processing takes place before packaging with very short heating and cooling times. The milk is heated to 275*-300*F for 2-15 seconds. The product is then cooled to filling temperature. Milk is now referred to as UHT milk (Ultra High Temperature). Packaging materials are sterilized through a heated hydrogen peroxide bath. Hydrogen peroxide is then removed from the packaging material using pressure rollers and hot, sterile air. The filling and sealing machinery are also brought to and maintained at a condition of commercial sterility before packaging occurs. This is achieved using hot air, steam or hydrogen peroxide chemical sterilization. Once cool, the UHT milk is packaged in a special Tetra Pak aseptic container, sealing in the natural goodness of milk for many months.

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